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Bentley Brooklands

Project details

  • VEHICLE MODEL:Brooklands

This was really fun! I was contacted after the owner of this awesomely rare giant Bentley saw the work I did on his coworkers car. I'm a car nut and when I saw this I had no clue what it was other than it was big, black, and a Bentley. After some research I discovered what an iconic automobile this is. There are only about 150 in the whole US and I not only was getting to work on it. I got to drive it from San Fran to the shop and back about a 60 mile round trip!

For both those drives I got to experience what its like to have everyone around give you that DAMN HE MUST BE RICH look. I've driven all kinds of very expensive cars but this one just screams wealth and class on a different level. At various lights I was waved at, smiled at, had a nose lifted at, given a thumbs up, and even asked "Can you teach me to do what you do so I can get a car like that??". I replied I just wash cars...Oh I'm gooooood with a smirk.

After I got back the shop all the euphoria and bliss of driving this amazing car was taken from me with glance from my point light. Reality hit and back to earth, this car has more real estate than a Saudi Sheik... Oh and its black with massive amounts of damage from what appeared to be 200000000 really poor car washes(I'm sure they were by hand because no one would drive one of these into a tunnel. But not all hand washes are equal as many of my fellow professionals have seen).

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