2020 Audi RSQ8 - STEK DYNOshift-green Paint Protection Film

Limited Edition – DYNOshift-green PPF – Audi RSQ8

Bring on the RSQ8! When Audi wanted to make a high performance SUV they went all out. Years of development and over 1 million miles of just track testing, this is one capable SUV. From picking the kids up, to trips in the snow, to spirited runs around the track. It really is the perfect balance of capable suv and racecar. This example came in a beautiful color Navarra Blue with black and carbon optics to really make it pop.

After owning the car for a year we decided it was time to change it up. Traditionally color changes had to be done with vinyl wraps and they are great for just that color change. Wanting more than just a color change we opted for STEK Dyno Shift Green. STEK fashions film give you the color change, along with the same 10 year protection of paint protection film. The particular color is based off a Porsche color Python Green Chromaflair, a $120k paint to sample option! Luckily STEK didn’t charge anywhere near that for this film, but they did have to get the same permission to use the ink that makes the iridescent shift effect.

Have you ever seen a Euro? There is a hologram on them for security. The ink used for this is the same as used in Dyno Shift Green and every oz must be reported to the Bundesbank and German Government. The film is green, it shifts to gold, and is made of money ink. What more could you ask for when really wanting your RSQ8 to stand out?

DYNOshift-green Specifications:

  • Gold to Green color shift with a Metallic finish
  • Hydrophobic
  • Self-healing
  • Anti-contaminate
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Chemical-Resistant

10 Year Warranty:

DYNOshift-green paint protection film is warrantied for 10 Years against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

DYNOshift-green is the first limited production film STEK has released, bringing to market only 250 rolls. This film captures one of our favorite paint to sample options in a true rock chip stopping and self-healing paint protection product.

This option provides a rich green-to-gold color shift behind a intense metallic flake ensuring you standout among the rest. Our state-of-the-art paint protection film will transform your vehicle while providing long-lasting protection to your OEM finish at the same time.

Durable as well as reversible, DYNOshift-green effectively guards against water stains, chemicals, road oils, and other types of environmental damage, while its proprietary TPU based construction boasts powerful self-healing from light scratches and hydrophobic properties for easy maintenance. Compared to traditional PVC based vinyl films, DYNOshift-green PPF gives it the ‘wow’ for years to come.

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