Vinyl Wrap – Tesla Model 3 – 3M Riviera Matte Blue

There are a few colors to pick from Tesla. Great news its easier to produce, bad news there’s just too little. Lucky for you 3M has listened and made some awesome vinyl colors to pick from. Any good news there’s way more than five colors!

This customer picked out 3M Riviera Matte Blue which stands out really well compared to any of the Tesla colors. It has a thickness of 3.5 mil and uses the latest vinyl technology to go on easy and look good for years.

We prepare by first doing a decontamination wash on the car to make it as smooth and clean as possible. After that then we start with installing custom on all of the panels of the Model 3. We don’t use precut here as we’re cutting the vinyl and placing it on the car. Cutting it as we go along and using special tools to conform with the panels.

Once we are done wrapping the car it doesn’t stop there. Now that the 3M 2080 Vinyl is down and we see the Riviera Blue, we want to keep it protected. Enter Ceramic Coating. Ceramic coating we use CQuartz Finest Reserve. This 3+ years ceramic coating makes it glossy, hydrophobic, and much easier to keep the car clean. Go longer period of time before needing to wash the car.

Not only do we focus on the paint with our most exclusive product but we don’t for get ceramic coating the wheels inside and out, brake calipers, all of the plastic trim, and all of the glass around the car.

Top it off we got the wheels powder coated Satin Black, and the chrome was deleted with the same 3M 2080 Satin Black vinyl. This gives it that nice blue and black look that looks so awesome!

If you want to get a color change for your vehicle, using the 3M 2080 vinyl does an amazing job of making that happen. Reach out to us if you have any questions on our Contact Us page.

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