What Is FlyBy Forte?

FlyBy Forte is an entirely new technologically advanced windshield coating designed for extreme resistance to all that mother nature may throw at it! Development of Flyby Forte was heavily based on the latest and most advanced mobile phone anti-scratch protection. Our inorganic Nano-tech coating was specifically designed for EXTREME semi-permanent durability and long-term resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Forte has been tested to over 40,000 real time wiper cleaning cycles, is UV stable, highly chemical resistant, and provides resistance to scratches and minor chips. Forte is the ULTIMATE in windshield and glass coatings! Unlike traditional glass coatings, which attach to the surface, Forte fully bonds by penetrating the top surface of glass, merging and transforming it into a hydrophobic smooth surface. Expected durability is up to 2 years.

Flyby Forte does not allow chattering, wiper noise, or degradation of the glass.

Specifications and Features:

A car's paint has to deal with a lot of environmental challenges:

• Durability: Up to 2 years
• Initial contact Angle (DIN EN 828) : 115 Degrees
• Water drop sliding angle: 20 deg.
• Extreme abrasion resistance
• No wiper chatter
• Repels water, dirt, dust, salt, ice, and snow
• Long lasting durable protection
• Harsh chemicals resistant (from 4~12 pH)
• Improves night vision