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Lamborghini Huracan

Project details


Bring on the Lambo! It was a tragic day when we were asked to pick up this beautiful car... I know who wants to drive a new lambo... Not me! But since I pulled the short straw at the shop I agreed....

I always pull the short end of the stick.... UGH! The horror! Why! Theatrics good? Can you feel my pain through the typing? I was really sad

After getting it back to the shop in one piece I got out of the car and counted my blessing because non of the 4 Honda Civics or 2 Jetta's trying to race me didn't run me off the road staring why revving at freeway speeds...

I thought I heard a weed whacker but was focused on driving.

It only had 500 miles so it wasn't very dirty, quick ONR wash and clay. This is what I saw. Buffer swirls! Everywhere! On the bright side someone had already compounded for me!

After my first pass with Car Pro reflect and an a soft pad it really didn't so a lot to this diamond hard lambo paint. Ohhh wait I'm not suppose to be telling you how I figured this out am I?

Grabbing a Car Pro flash pad and Black Fire SRC Finishing polish with a Rupes21 and wiping residue away with a crazy pile using speed 3 with light to moderate pressure.. TA DA! Thats what I was looking for!

Just to be sure I wiped my test down with Car Pro Eraser twice and once with IPA. So 3 wipe downs and it still looked like this! Boom I had found my path to glory!

Fast forward from Saturday when I started to end of day on Monday, and some random spot compounding, topped with some Cquartz Finests and......

OH MY GLOSS!!!!! One step wonder? Yeah I think so!

Look at those wheels! Gloss black, polished by hand, and coated with Cquartz DLux. Calipers got same treatment!

Car Pro Perl tire dressing giving just enough to the tires to add to the finished result not take away!

Looking menacing!

Bull ready to charge!

Lights are sick!

Dripping wet like it should be!

Wheels will be much easier to maintain now!

Interior was treated with Opti Guard Leather, and carpets were coated with Car Pro fabric!

No slimy greasy look from Opti Guard! Just Matte and clean and it'll stay that way for years!


Are you looking at my rear end? It is sexy!

We at OCDetailing do a mix of Opti-Coat Pro, CQuartz Finest, XPEL Ultimate, Paint Correction, and more on all vehicles. Please contact us for more information and any questions you may have!