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Nissan GTR

Project details


Once upon a time there was a mythical creature known as Godzilla. To me this mythical creature holds a very special place in my heart. A Nissan GTR is the car I dream of, by far and way my favorite! I have had a many customers call me with one of these beast but some way or another something always happen...

One of them was totaled the day before the appointment, another one stolen, and the worst was the one that was dropped off at the shop and before I could wash it customer showed backed up with what I could only assume was very un happy wife and canceled. Between us she looked way meaner than real Godzilla. This time though Godzilla was dropped off at my door step looking beat down... I was on mission! Bring Godzilla to glory!

We at OCDetailing do a mix of Opti-Coat Pro, CQuartz Finest, XPEL Ultimate, Paint Correction, and more on all vehicles. Please contact us for more information and any questions you may have!