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Tesla Model X

At OCDetail we have already worked on 30 Model X's! Were known for "bringing the shine" when it comes to paint corrections,
protective coating applications, and installing paint protection film.

Project details

  • VEHICLE MODEL:Tesla Model X
  • VEHICLE COLOR:Deep Blue Metallic

I know we've personally wrapped 6 Model X's front to back with Xpel Ultimate. This one though was special because its the first Blue Model X in to ever be completely wrapped with Xpel Stealth! For this job we chose a 100% custom install on the exterior to ensure no little bits of the paint would show through. The only patterns used were the seat backs which we also wrapped in Xpel Stealth. Enjoy!

We were going for a stealth finish! This project took us just over 5 days and and close to 70 man hours involved. All the trim was removed, lights were removed, to get the cleanest install possible. Relief cuts are normal because film does have limitations but we took all the steps to make sure there are few as possible.

At first we tried to just tuck everything but decided the look was not good enough because there was still little bits of blue popping out here and there. I'm sure this would of been fine for the customer but were OCD so we removed everything we could to because 96% stealth wasn't good enough. We wanted 99%... Tragically you cant leave film on the parking sensors so they have to stay glossy

It was raining a little pick up day, but the beads of water showed Cquartz Finest protection clearly in tact. Went through the trouble of putting the Stealth wrap on so we buried it in multiple layers of Cquartz Finest. Any time you put paint protection film on your car no matter the brand. It requires maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. Coating the film makes this a breeze by eliminating the need to wax or seal it on a regular basis. And Finest has protective properties no sealant could ever dream of having. Win Win in my books!

We at OCDetailing do a mix of Opti-Coat Pro, CQuartz Finest, XPEL Ultimate, Paint Correction, and more on all vehicles. Please contact us for more information and any questions you may have!

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