Our customer wanted a truly unique look and we knew exactly how to get it. Starting off with a proper decontamination of the paint and a multistep paint correction. The really cool after market wheels were removed and thoroughly cleaned. We then performed a 100% customer Xpel Stealth wrap to make this extremely glossy paint satin. After we did a full application of Cquartz Finest Reserve to all surfaces for years of protections and ease of maintenance. This look will hold for years with nothing more than washing on our clients end! Glossy or stealth the way we go about a full wrap and Cquartz Finest Application is really the ultimate in protection.

100% Custom Install Paint Protection Film Wrap – XPEL Stealth

-Paint correction to remove surface defects and brighten the paint up to the highest possible level
-Removing and polishing wheel barrels (inside) and faces
-Polishing painted calipers (if they are painted)
-Deep cleaning fender liners
-Polishing all glass
-Polishing all metal
-Polishing the light covers
-Deep cleaning the plastic trim

-CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the painted surfaces IR cured for maximum hardness and gloss.
-CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the wheels and calipers.
-FlyByForte glass coating on all exterior glass.
-Car Pro Dlux trim coating on the plastic trim around the car, prevents plastic from fading or looking old.

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