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Blackvue DR970X-2CH Plus

The all-new BlackVue DR970X Plus-2CH dash cam now records 4K UHD through a Sony STARVIS 2 sensor for its front, and full HD for the rear. With advanced parking mode, built-in Dual-band WiFi and GPS, BlackVue Cloud, and optional LTE connectivity, this dash cam guarantees front-and-rear protection and 24/7 connectivity.

BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery*

7,500mAh/96Wh high-capacity battery designed for parking mode, the B-130X is slightly more compact than its predecessor, the B-124X, but offers 25% more power and is more accurate thanks to the new fuel gauge-integrated circuit. The compact aluminum casing optimizes heat dissipation and lets users easily hide it under a seat or even fit it in a glove compartment.

*If you need Parking Mode

We Recommend BlackBoxMyCar

BlackBoxMyCar has amazing customer support and carries all of the recommended Blackvue cameras and accessories. We highly recommend them and always point our customers to BlackBoxMyCar when purchasing dashcams.

Who is Blackvue?

Pittasoft has set the standard in the car dashcam industry since it was established in 2007.

Taking car dashboard camera technology to the next level with its groundbreaking Full-HD 1-channel and 2-channel cameras, Pittasoft has enabled global customers to maximize usability by connecting car dashcams to smart devices via Wi-Fi and BlackVue Cloud services.

Anytime, anywhere, BlackVue Over the Cloud provides instant access to playback, remote Live View and video sharing as well as peace of mind with emergency alarm notifications, location tracking and backup of important footage.


Redefining the Dashcam

BlackVue just released new 4K Cloud-compatible dash cams featuring 4K Sony STARVIS 2 sensors, faster lens, HEVC compression and overall improved image quality. 

The first batch of new 4K Plus models include the single-channel DR970X-1CH Plus, the dual-channel DR970X-2CH Plus and dual-channel with built-in LTE DR970X-2CH LTE Plus (North America and Global versions).



New key features

  • New 4K Sony STARVIS 2 sensor: the 4K Plus models all feature an IMX678 sensor in the front camera, which delivers improved sensitivity in low light and better dynamic range. 
  • New fast (f/1.7 aperture) lens in the main camera: the large aperture lens allows the 4K Plus main cameras to gather more light compared to the f/2.8 lens of their predecessors, which in turn results in faster shutter speed, allowing to freeze the action and minimize blur.
  • Improved image signal processor (ISP) tuning: the dynamic range and overall fidelity has been improved across the board through expert optimization of a new chipset. In simple terms: the image looks better, especially at night and in high-contrast scenes where most cameras struggle to preserve detail in highlights and dark areas.
  • Twice longer Event buffer: the 4K Plus models feature a 10-second buffer up from 5 seconds for previous models.  This means the Event video clips recorded while driving or parked include ten seconds of action occurring before the triggering event. Those include detected motion in Motion & Impact Parking Mode, Manual Events triggered via the touch sensor on the side of the camera, or impact sensed by the accelerometer while driving or parked. 
  • HEVC/H.265 codec: the 4K Plus models feature the High-Efficiency Video Coding compression algorithm as the default, while also giving users the ability to choose the more widely supported AVC/H.264 codec. HEVC preserves details better and also allows recording at a higher bitrate of 60 Megabits per second (lower settings also available). 

Other features common to all the models

  • 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity: allows you to view and transfer video footage at fast speed via the BlackVue app.
  • Seamless Pairing: BlackVue’s hassle-free way of connecting to your dash cam with the BlackVue App. Secure, yet without the need to enter passwords or scan QR codes. 
  • GPS logging: records location and speed data, which can be displayed on the video footage and on a map in the app or viewer.
  • Native Parking Mode: monitors your vehicle when parked and automatically records any incidents or impacts, all while protecting your vehicle’s battery thanks to the built-in voltage monitor (including for the LTE models). Hardwiring cable included, along with 12V auxiliary power adapter.
  • Event and motion detection:automatically detects and records events such as collisions, sudden braking, and acceleration.
  • Event File Protection: preserve the last 50 Event videos at all times so you always have time to retrieve important footage without it getting overwritten. 
  • Adaptive Format-Free File Management: this BlackVue-developed file system improves recording stability and requires less microSD card formatting.
  • SD Card Failure Alert: even the best microSD cards can fail over time. To avoid bad surprises, BlackVue lets you know instantly (and continuously) with a “Please check SD card” voice alert.
  • Cloud compatibility: allows you to access and manage video footage remotely via the free BlackVue Cloud service (requires data plan).
  • Sub-stream technology: play back your footage instantly over Wi-Fi or the Cloud. BlackVue dash cams save “quick play” versions of the videos alongside the original high resolution footage. 

Game-changing 4K visual fidelity

Powered by an 8.2-megapixel Sony STARVIS 2 image sensor

Front camera:

Sensor: 8.2MP Sony STARVIS 2 CMOS sensor.
Resolution: 4K UHD (3840×2160).
Framerate: 30 frames per second.
Lens: 7 elements, f/1.7.
Diagonal view angle: 146 degrees.
Max bitrate: 60 megabits per second.

Rear camera: 

Sensor: 2.1MP Sony STARVIS™ CMOS sensor.
Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080).
Framerate: 30 frames per second.
Lens: 5 elements, f/2.
Diagonal view angle: 131 degrees.
Max bitrate: 10 megabits per second.

Seamless Pairing

Easy setup with the BlackVue App. Secure and passwordless.

Simply connect to your dashcam without leaving the BlackVue App. With Seamless Pairing, setting up your dashcam is a breeze. Just power the dashcam, then easily connect from the BlackVue app and follow the simple instructions.

Whether you want to browse your dashcam’s files and settings or connect your dashcam to the Cloud, Seamless Pairing makes everything easy and intuitive.

Best compression and high bitrate

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265)

H.264 and H.265 Codec Support.

The DR970X Plus Series features H.265, also called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting. H.265 ensures the best video quality. The more widely compatible H.264 is also supported.

Higher bitrate for uncompromising video quality.

When using HEVC, the 4K front camera can record at a high bitrate of up to 60 megabits per second, which lets the camera deliver amazing artifact-free image quality in even the most complex fast-moving scenes.

Worried about large files over the Cloud or Wi-Fi? 

BlackVue’s Sub-Stream technology embeds Quick Play–under 5MB–versions of the videos in the original files. Quick Play files allow for instant buffer-free playback over the Cloud or a Wi-Fi connection. If needed, you can also play the original full resolution videos for maximum quality. 

LTE Connectivity Module (optional)

Add LTE connectivity to your BlackVue and turn your dash cam into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Easily enable BlackVue Cloud

The CM100G LTE provides easy 4G LTE connectivity to enable BlackVue Cloud features. All you need is a valid Nano SIM card. The CM100G LTE is powered and connects via the USB port of your dashcam.

Unlock Mobile Hotspot Function

Turn your BlackVue into a mobile internet router for up to five devices concurrently. This means you and your passengers can now use your BlackVue’s internet on your laptop, portable game console, tablet or mobile.

To connect to the BlackVue, simply open your devices’ Wi-Fi menu, select the BlackVue and enter the dashcam’s Wi-Fi password.

Note: when purchasing, make sure the CM100G LTE you choose is compatible with your mobile carrier’s network.

Sleek interface

And tons of smart features in a compact design.

Your dash cam tells you when it turns on, shuts down or detects errors.

Detects impacts to trigger Event recording. Enables Parking Mode* when stationary for 5 minutes.

Automatically tags video files:
While driving, the built-in accelerometer (G-sensor) detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. While parked, your BlackVue also detects visual movements around your vehicles (in Motion + Impact detection mode).

Use the filters in the BlackVue App and Viewer:
BlackVue tags all videos (Normal, Event, Parking Mode, etc.), so that you can filter them and quickly find the ones you need in the BlackVue Viewer (Windows, Mac OS, Web) or the BlackVue App (Android, iOS).

Free App and Viewer

BlackVue App (iOS, Android) and Viewer (Windows/Mac/Web)

Easily manage your video files

Easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse your videos on your mobile or computer.

With the BlackVue App, connect to your BlackVue to access files and check real-time Live View for easy setup of your dashcam.
With the SD Card Viewer, connect your dashcam’s microSD card to your computer to view and backup footage in bulk, as well as export clips, remove sound, etc.

The Web Viewer lets you manage your Cloud-connected dashcams from any web browser at

Your videos are safe

BlackVue App (iOS, Android) and Viewer (Windows/Mac/Web)

Event Files Overwrite Protection: dashcams record in a loop, overwriting older files when the memory is full. BlackVue can prevent Event files (triggered manually or by impacts) overwriting. Up to fifty (50) files can be protected this way. You can choose to allow new Event files to overwrite past Event files, thus keeping the latest fifty.

Adaptive Format-Free File Management: this BlackVue-developed file system improves recording stability and requires less microSD card formatting.

SD Card Failure Alert: your BlackVue detects as soon as the microSD card fails and warns you with a “Please check SD card” voice alert.

Native Parking Mode

Let your BlackVue watch over your vehicle 24/7. Hardwiring cable included.

Hardwiring cable included
DR970X Plus Series can be hardwired to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode, without requiring optional accessories. The dashcam will switch to Parking Mode automatically when vehicle ignition is turned off. Voltage cutoff and timer can be set in the BlackVue App.

Parking Mode accessories support
DR970X Plus Series is also compatible with all BlackVue Parking Mode Kits and Batteries.

Parking Mode Kit

Parking Mode Batteries

BlackVue automatically switches to Parking Mode to monitor your parked vehicle.
Thanks to video buffer, the few seconds leading to triggering events are also recorded.
DR970X Plus supports two Parking Mode options.

Motion & Impact Detection mode

  • Region – Based
    Motion Detection

Motion & Impact Detection Parking Mode detects both:

  •  Motions recorded by the image sensor (marked “P” in the file list).
  •  Impacts detected by the accelerometer/G-sensor (marked “E” in the file list).

Choose detection regions to reduce the risk of triggering unwanted motion recordings due to trees swaying in the wind, far-away moving objects, etc.

Time lapse mode

  • Time Lapse +
    Buffered Events

Continuously records at 1FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30FPS. 
1-minute Time lapse Parking Mode video = 30 minutes real time coverage.
Cover a period of more than 62 hours on a single 64GB microSD card at the highest (Extreme) quality setting.
When an impact is detected, the dashcam creates a buffered Event video.

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