Protect your Cybertruck with Paint Protection Film. We can perform a full body vehicle wrap or just protect certain body panels for your Cybertruck. Compared to vinyl it can protect from debris, dust, rock chips and scratches.

What we offer:
-STEK DYNOshield Self Healing Paint Protection Film Clear (Gloss Finish)
-STEK DYNOmatte Satin Finish Paint Protection Film (Satin/Matte Finish)
-STEK DYNOblack-matte
-STEK DYNOblack-gloss
DYNOred, DYNOmiami-blue, DYNOgray, DYNOpurple, DYNOgreen, DYNOwhite

We are an Exclusive STEK Authorized Installer in the Bay Area (San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Fremont, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, South Bay, & North Bay).

Paint Protection Film

In the case of the Tesla Cyber Truck it is stainless protection film! The stainless finish on a cyber truck is super prone to ugly surface scratches and staining. Putting on clear  PPF would enhance the look of the stainless by adding more gloss, clarity, and better reflections. Adding matte PPF would make the stainless look very rich and remove the reflections, this is the easiest to maintain finish and eliminates fingerprints showing up. Since your Cyber Truck is bulletproof might as well have it fingerprint proof too! 

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating is a technically advanced permanent protective coating. We offer full services for the application of CQuartz Finest Reserve and Opti-Coat Pro Plus to protect paint or paint protection film. This new ceramic coating technology is harder than a clear coat and makes washing very easy. It protects your vehicle from chemical damage, oxidation,  and prevents contaminants. These coatings should be applied to perfect paint and it is why we always include paint correction with our ceramic coating service. The Ceramic Coating we install is focused on durability. The formula is chemically engineered and focused specifically on the base coat to be more durable than anything else on the market.

Window Tint

Window tint is likely the number one vehicle modification in the automotive industry. That said, it is not a commodity. The same care in craftsmanship and material quality that’s applied to clear bra should also be used for window tint. In other words, not every window tint service is the same. At OCDetailing, we use the very best window tinting film in the industry from the likes of 3M Crystalline and Llumar CTX.

Powdercoat Wheels

Powder coating is an alternative to to traditional rim painting, done with liquid paint. Powder coating method of rim painting uses colored powder, an electrostatic gun and heat to add bold, beautiful colors to your custom rims. First, a thick layer of colored powder is sprayed onto the surface of your wheel using an electrostatic gun. Once the wheel is thoroughly coated, it is heat-treated to solidify the coating and create a bold, durable coat.

Full Color Change Vinyl Wrap

OCDetailing is the #1 customization facility with over 10 years of serving the Bay Area. There is the option of paint however it’s not the same as wrapping the vehicle as it still retains the original OEM Stainless Steel so therefore you can just peel it right off. Changing the color of your Cybertruck has been popular as there are so many to choose from and it’s 100% reversible in the future when you decide to restore to original or change the color to a new wrap.

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