Cybertruck - Why Paint Protection Film

In the case of the Tesla Cyber Truck it is stainless protection film! The stainless finish on a cyber truck is super prone to ugly surface scratches and staining. Putting on clear  PPF would enhance the look of the stainless by adding more gloss, clarity, and better reflections. Adding matte PPF would make the stainless look very rich and remove the reflections, this is the easiest to maintain finish and eliminates fingerprints showing up. Since your Cyber Truck is bulletproof might as well have it fingerprint proof too!

Full Colored PPF Wrap

Our Most Popular Package

Paint protection film, made of durable urethane, acts as a second skin for vehicle body panels, shielding against physical light impact and scratches. Thanks to its self-healing properties, any minor scratches and imperfections vanish with heat on their own, restoring your vehicle to a pristine appearance. Note that Tesla’s Colored PPF Warranty is only 5 years, while our film is 10 years, that’s twice the amount of years!

A few of STEK Colored Options:

  • DYNOblack-gloss
  • DYNOblack-matte
  • DYNOred
  • DYNOgray
  • DYNOwhite
  • DYNOmiami-blue
  • DYNOpurple
  • DYNOprism

Full Wrap includes
CQuartz Finest Reserve Coating

Ceramic coatings provide superior safeguarding against environmental threats and the sun’s UV radiation compared to conventional wax. They additionally exhibit resilience to chemical stains and a measure of scratch resistance, resulting in a glossy appearance for the vehicle and simplifying the cleaning process.
-Deep cleaning fender liners
-Polishing all glass
-Polishing the light covers 
-Deep cleaning the plastic trim around the bottom of the car and wheel arches. 
The coating application is an addition and that covers: 
CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the film areas IR cured for maximum hardness and gloss
CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the wheels, suspension, and calipers
-DQUARTZ GForce glass coating on all exterior glass
-Car Pro DLUX permanent trim coating on the plastic trim around the car and the windshield cowl to prevent plastic from fading or looking old









Full PPF Wrap in Clear/Gloss or Matte/Satin

For gloss installation we prefer Stek DYNOshield Paint Protection Film for superior gloss, minimal orange peel, and less film defects than other glossy films. For Satin/Matte we prefer DYNOmatte. 

10 year Warranty

Full Color Change Vinyl Wrap

Full front, out most popular option provides protection to the full front end. This protects all of the high impact areas on the vehicle especially if you do a lot of freeway driving.

2 year Warranty

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