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What more can I say that anyone else has not already stated about OCDetailing. I waited about a year from the I put my reservation for my Model 3 until the time I received my Model 3. In fact, I receive my car earlier than expected that I left my car covered in my garage just so that the crew at OCDetailing could work on my car. My car literally had less than 250 miles on it, and that counts the 110 miles it between my home and the shop. Joe was great in replying to my email inquiries, and reached out to me because a portion of my Chrome Delete did not meet their standards. Their attention to detail was incredible, and I love what they did with my car. The services I got was paint correction, Suntek paint protection, CQuart Finest Reserve ceramic coating, chrome delete, and 3M window tint. When they brought me my car, I was blown away. As other people have said, if you want the best in quality and customer service, by all means look no further than OCDetailing.

Kevin S.

Sacramento, CA

The best. I’m tempted to say they are the experts on wrapping Tesla’s but I know they can wrap any car. And they really are OCD. If not, they have the best customer service I have ever witnessed. If there is anything wrong at all, they’ll take care of it and fix things for you. Including helping you find a way home or driving your car to your house if they’ve inconvenienced you at all. There is nothing I can say about OCD other than they’re the best and Joe and his team really set a standard of excellence for customer service and being perfectionists. I wish I could get a new car just so I can bring it to them to wrap. Since I didn’t even mention what they did for me…they wrapped my Tesla in a full body wrap and had us come back a week or so later to clean up any air bubbles. When we found little things we were bothered by, Joe took a look and offered to fix any and everything that we needed in order to be 100% satisfied. OCD has a waiting list to get your car wrapped, so contact them as soon as you can…and know that it’s totally worth the wait.

Hello W.

New York, NY

It’s taken me years but I’m finally writing a review for this place! We first found Joe a few years ago when he was still operating out of a shared garage space in Walnut Creek – he took care of my Model S in record time even though they had several other projects going on and I LOVED the final product! (I never knew what swirl marks were until I met Joe and now we ONLY wash our cars with the double-bucket method) Over the last 3 years, Joe’s taken care of my car several more times as my poor car’s had incidents with a broken windshield, a hit-n-run, AND a break-in. It’s really awesome to see how much OCDetailing has grown especially since Joe moved to their new Fremont location – they are now booked out months in advance! My husband recently just took delivery of his Model 3 and Joe was, of course, the very first stop as soon as we could book an appointment! OCDetailing is the real deal – you can’t go wrong with them!

Cathy W.

Sunnyvale, CA

They installed into my Tesla Model 3 a BlackVue 900s 2ch with the BlackVue Ultra Magic Battery (it’s required for this car). Works great, I felt the price was reasonable for the install as well. They were really kind enough to buy an Uber on their own dime to drive me to a nearby cafe so I could do work / eat while I was waiting for the install, which was around a 5-hour install time. The e-mail communication was great, but one improvement – for those wanting to install dashcams into their car, it would be great if OCDetailing could provide a checklist of items to have ready before the appointment, because I ended up doing a lot of research myself and confirmed with OCDetailing that I needed the Magic Battery in addition to the camera.

Theo G.

San Jose, CA

Worth the wait! There is a reason why so many people are setting up appointments with OCDetailing. There were quite a bit of auto detail shops around where I live but after watching all the YouTube videos and 5 stars yelp reviews I decided to drive a bit farther to have OCDetailing service my Tesla. My experience with them was remarkable. The owner Joseph was professional, prompt with responding to emails/text and very accommodating to all my requests. Five stars for the attention to details and exceptional services.

Mike T.

San Jose, CA

East Bay Area

The East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area comprises the entire Eastern parts of the Bay Area and includes both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Oakland is the largest city in East Bay, as well as the 3rd largest in the entire Bay Area.

East Bay is distinguished by its 2.5 million strong inhabitants, its port, which is the largest in Northern California, and for being a transportation hub for the overall West Coast of the United States. Tesla has moved into the former NUMMI plant, making it still the only Auto manufacturing establishment in the state. Interesting sites include the Fox and Greek theaters, Lake Merritt, and the Oakland Museum.

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We Are OCDetailing

in Bay Area, California.

Our specialty is the application of automotive paint protection. These include clear bra paint protection film (PFF), ceramic paint coatings, window tinting, and more.

As technology evolves so does the paint systems and the way paint is protected. OCDetailing has been on the forefront of this evolution in the San Francisco Bay Area for years. We are one of the few who have the honor in stating that we are a CQuartz Finest Reserve select installer, an Opti Coat Pro Plus certified Installer, and a leader in quality work for years. We have been nominated for detailer of the year and have done more paint corrections to a concourse level than any other shop in the Bay Area. Add that to our long standing reputation for setting the highest of bars for paint protection film installs, that truly defy the physics of film. We have a standard of creating some truly seamless paint protection film installs. Our flawless attention to detail, 1000’s of happy clients, and our never ending pursuit of perfection is why we can say in all honesty “WE BRING THE SHINE!”

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