Which Kind Of Car Wash Is Best For Your Finish?

As there are various ways of preparing food recipes, so also we have different kinds of car washes. But does this now mean that all ways of washing are the same — not at all, we are going to be discussing briefly the different methods, you should understand that every one of them has their own benefit and setback, however the advantages and disadvantages, are not that straight forward, without wasting much time, less now list and explain all the ways to wash, distilling the right and wrong in order to assist you in knowing the vital areas when it comes to cars maintenance.

OCDetailing Bay Area - Ceramic Coating Install

Ceramic Coating Not Beading? You May Just Need To Clean It

The problem of coating not beading could be very challenging, especially if you have encountered it before. However one thing you must understand is that this problem doesn’t necessarily indicate what is needed.

Importance Of Getting Ceramic Coating For The Glass Of Your Vehicle

There is no better time than now to go get a ceramic coating on the class of your motor, as we all know the season of storm spring and summer shower is almost here. So is important it’s done now so you won’t have any issues with your vehicle.

Why It Is Important To Maintain Ceramic Coatings

The greatest invention that happened on the Automobile industry after the discovery of carnauba wax was the ceramic coating, some of its benefits are: they can stay for many years, give Amazing Gloss, guide against micro-marring, and though on liquids given you easy cleaning.

The Need To Coat Your Paint Protection Film

What can you do to ensure your film remain beautiful while serving as protection for your vehicle? By using the film coating kit we the experts recommend, as simple as that! Very soon we are going to be discussing the various types of films and why it is important to consider a coating design for films.

What Are The Difference Between Wax, Paint Sealant, and Coatings

One major topic that is always talks about by experts and enthusiasts is differences between Wax, Paint Sealant, and Coatings, but how exactly are the difference from one another? Which is suitable for a specific purpose?

Seven Things We Should Avoid Doing to Our Vehicles

When it comes to the ways we handle our vehicles is a matter of different strokes for different folks why to some people a drop of water on their vehicle is akin to a drop of acid on their human body. these type of individuals might consider going for a fresh paint-work the moment a paint chip occurs on the hood of their vehicle. But, for the case of most of us we see our vehicles as one basic entity require to help us with daily activities: a luggage rack, a mode of transportation, a toy shop, or even a coffee table.

Clear Bra: Key Benefits of Using Paint Protection Film

As far Automobiles industry is the concern, there are usually two kinds of people: preventative and reactive people. There are those categories of individuals that have gone some steps further on how and where to get their vehicle detailed even before ordering. Although majority of people lack idea on the benefit of detailing a brand new vehicle, some have already gone ahead in putting the right things in place.

12 Tips To Help Guide Against Swirl Marks

The process of removing swirl marks can be likened to you doing self-clean up or helping others to clean up their mess. We won't be far from the Truth to say that, swirl is expert detailer's most despised surface flaws, due to the fact that they are mainly caused by the polishing method of the detailer's, due to the reason that they are not that visible in shade but spectacularly obvious when exposed to sunlight, is possible for professional detailers to leave them behind.

Power Coating What Does It Mean?

When compared with another traditional way of painting finishes, powder coating is most time called “lusterless” in the detail industry, the finish does have a couple of amazing benefits which are very encouraging.

The Right and Wrong Ways of Drying Your Vehicle

The thought may not have come across your mind while washing your vehicle, but the way and manner you dry the finish its very important to the entire luster, do it the wrong way and that could lead to tiny scratches or waterspots.

What is the best schedule for washing my vehicle?

Anytime the phrase "car care" is mentioned, a lot of people always have one or two things in mind: car wash or oil change. While automobile manufacturers take it as a call to duty the importance of changing your engine oil every 3,000 - 5,000 miles.

4 Secret Automatic Car Washes Are Hiding From You

Yes, I understand the convenience and I know you think it worth the value, with just $3 my vehicle is wash and look clean again, oh, so that's what you think! well, let me make it clear to you, automatic is causing more "Harm" than "Good" to your vehicle.

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