What Kind Of Car Wash Is Best?

As there are various ways of preparing food recipes, so also we have different kinds of car washes. But does this now mean that all ways of washing are the same — not at all, we are going to be discussing briefly the different methods, you should understand that every one of them has their own benefit and setback, however the advantages and disadvantages, are not that straight forward, without wasting much time, less now list and explain all the ways to wash, distilling the right and wrong in order to assist you in knowing the vital areas when it comes to cars maintenance.

System 1: Handwash

When you make inquiries from detailing professionals they may likely tell you to always use handwash when washing your car because to them that is the safest way. There are some ways that handwash can be performed properly. They include the regular two-bucket system to advance techniques, usage of foam cannon that is pressurized, no matter the one you decide to adopt, it will require you (or maybe your detailer) applying water with soap and using your hands to wash the vehicle with the help of soft mitt.

Handwash how exactly does it look? This is how we carry out detailing operation, we begin the process first by performing a pre-wash ensuring the vehicle is covered with snow foam, then use water to rinse the motor off. Is not compulsory it must be done this way, but based on experience this always assist us in getting a more decent cleaning, after that, the motor is coat once again with a layer of suds, next we now agitate with soft was mitts. The reason for the foam is to breaks contaminants and purpose of wash mitts assist to break the loose. We finally rinse and dry.

To be honest using this method to wash requires enough time and patience, some type of materials, and if is a professional is the one handle the job it may cost you some money, well considering the fact that is gentle on finish on the other hand thorough in getting rid of heavy contamination, we may say that this could be the most efficient and effective type of car  wash anyone can do.


    Scratching is minimized to the barest minimum

    Has the ability to eliminate heavy contamination


    This system takes more time when compared to others

    Automatic wash is cheaper than this method

    It requires the use of plenty of water

    Not easy to do most especially when there is limited space

    Not easy to do if the temperature is cold

System 2: Rinseless Wash

The rinse-less wash method is not the same with water-less wash; it is like a kind of hybrid in between water-less wash and hand-wash. Using a rinse-less wash, it requires taking a little quantity of the rinse-less product and then mix it inside a bucket of water. It won’t be creating suds. Although that the reason why there will be no need to rinse anyway, What is needed of you once you are through washing a particular area is to wipe and allow it to dry up.

You can easily carry out rinse-less wash with the help of micro-fiber or wash mitts. Most detailers love using “Garry Dean System”, which could be carried out by simply soaking many micro-fiber towels inside a bucket full of water and rinse-less wash product. You then bring out one micro-fiber towel, squeeze and stretch it out to dry, apply the pre-wash product by spraying it on the panel and then take a micro-fiber towel that is soaked and begin to clean. You then use squeeze and drying stretch out towel to dry the panel and then complete the process by using a fresh dry micro-fiber to clean. Keep doing it panel by panel don’t stop until the vehicle is completely clean.

The rinse-less wash system is ideal mainly for persons with limited water or doesn’t have enough space, that is also worried about the scratching that may occur using a water-less wash. There may still be scratches which will more than a hand-wash but way less if compared with waterless wash. Lastly, you won’t be able to use this system to remove though stains when compared to hand-wash that could to that.


    It quicker than the hand-wash

    Does not need much water like hand-wash

    Does not need much equipment like hand-wash

    This system does not require large space

    Scratch that may occur is far less than waterless wash


    You may not be able to use this method to remove tough stains

    This system needs more equipment compared to water-less wash

System #3: Touchless Wash

With a “touchless” automated wash you don’t need bristles or brushes in cleaning your motor, rather, the whole process is done through the use of chemicals cleanser, pressure washers, along with pressurized air. Anyone may believe this may just be the solution to every other automated wash, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case, remember we are still dealing with harsh chemicals. Therefore if you don’t wish to dry your paint out or take the of risk stripping the coating/wax, be sure to get first-hand information, before the time the type chemicals they are going to be using on your vehicle.

Also, Bear in mind brushless washes and touch-less are different from each other. When some see the “brushless” they think it also means “touch-less”. Be well guided so you do not fall for the same mistake! Is advisable to always carry out your findings ahead before time and be certain what you are is the best type of wash for your vehicle.


    Cheaper when compared to hand-wash

    Do not take much time

    Reduces scratches


    Costlier when compared with automated and brush-less washes

    Utilizing hash chemicals could harm the finish

    May not have the capacity to eliminate heavy contamination 

System 4: Waterless Wash

These methods simply involve the use of a spray bottle item with different microfiber towels. No much effort is required, just apply the product by spraying it on the vehicle, then use your micro-fiber towel to clean it off. There are different reasons why anyone may choose to use water-less wash techniques: it could that because there is not enough space to perform hand-wash, no access to water at that particular time or because they are traveling, whichever the case may be, this is always considered to list option. 

But why? Well, you won’t be able to remove stubborn stains by merely doing water-less washing. If you are dealing with dust perfect, but in a situation when the vehicle has been heavily stain due to the muddy route, the outcome won’t be satisfactory. One other problem is the possibility of scratching. Though water-less wash product where specially made to thoroughly lubricate the body of the car, they usually don’t handle the slickness properly like foamy hand-wash. So, therefore, you cannot rule out the possibility of gathering and dragging some unwanted particles across your finish, which may result to scratch.


   Lesser time consumption when compared to hand-wash

    Could be accomplished using limited space.

    No need for water

    All you need are water-less wash product with micro-fiber towels


    High possibilities of scratching the body of the vehicle

    Don’t have the ability to remove top stains

Method #5: Brushless Wash

A”brushless” wash is a Type of Automated wash, it utilizes strips soft fabrics instead of bristle on its machinery. Now because of the modifications, you could feel that this will definitely put an end to abrasive bristles damaging you finish, well sorry to let you know that contaminated cloth could also scratch like bristle. Leftover dirt from those vehicles that were attended to before you could damage your finish, let’s not also forget that all the harsh chemicals we stated earlier are been used by this wash.


    Don’t cost much

    Quick time services

    Less abrasive compared to the usually automated wash


    May leave some scratch on your vehicle

    Utilizes hash chemicals that are harmful to finish.

    Don’t have the capacity to eliminate heavy contamination

System #6: Automated Wash

Automated washing system, which can also be referred to as “tunnel” wash, normally has to do with you driving your car on a conveyer belt, which then directs you through all the necessary sections of brushes and also blowers, you will observe that bristles that are on the brushes are in many cases are infected with dirt’s from previous cars which could be harmful to you finish. Apart from this, they also make use of hash cleansing chemicals that could strip coating/waxes and perhaps even dry your paint out, that may cause it to start cracking or fading of the color.

After the negatives we just stated, why would anybody utilize any of this washes? Well: is because they are cheap and do not take much time, it will interest you to know that they are the most popular type of wash everywhere, due to the fact that it seems more convenient. Many people may not be aware or do not care the negative impact is having on their finish. Which on the other hand favor’s professional detailers; if there are no scratches nobody will spend money on paintwork correction.



    Don’t take much time


    May leave heavy scratching on the vehicle

    They use harsh chemicals which is harmful to finish

    Don’t have the ability to eliminate thick contamination

Other available techniques

We have observed individuals clean their vehicles using anything possible – some do it by utilizing paper towels with Windex. But we must understand that just because it can be done that way will not make it the best, when the techniques are not the regular type, there will definitely a reason for that, so you  have to apply cautions no matter the innovative life hack you choose to work with, watch out so you don’t cause damages to your finish. Because it what should be avoided by all means.

Our Final Opinion

We advise you always use hand-wash because from experience is the safest wash for your car finish. It remains the most abrasive wash that can be done without risking thoroughness. Though like any other thing in this life. Not everything that is the best will be the only option, there is always go be some alternatives, now the question will be, what are the alternative options? Well, we have listed them below according to their rankings.

1.    Hand-wash

2.    Rinseless wash

3.    Touchless wash (if utilizing gentle soap)

4.    Waterless wash

5.    Brushless wash

6.    Automated  wash

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