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STEK DYNOshield PPF Rivian R1T – Blue

Rivian R1T - STEK DYNOshield PPF

STEK DYNOshield PPF Rivian R1T. Rivian R1T is the first all electric pickup truck to be manufactured and delivered to customers. This all-electric truck can tow up to 11,000 lbs, 0-60mph as fast as 3seconds, can make up to 835hp, and has an estimated range of 400mi. If those specs don’t draw you to the R1T, maybe it’s the unique face and fun colors offered, such as this Rivian Blue. This truck can be taken from the streets to the mountains, and with a full paint protection film wrap it will keep this new truck pristine for years to come. 

Preparation for Rivian R1T

Before installing the paint protection film (PPF) we like to prep the vehicle to ensure a clean install. Our prep work starts off with a full decontamination wash and clay bar to remove all contaminants from the paint. Then we do a two stage paint correction — compound and polish, to not only brighten up the paint to the highest level but remove any surface defects such as orange peel.

STEK DYNOshield - Glossy/Clear Paint Protection Film for Rivian R1T

We install our paint protection film using STEK DYNOshield – glossy/clear film. This is a 10 year warranty film that covers against delamination, yellowing, peeling, and any defects that happen with the film. The PPF is what protects the R1T from rock chips, scratches, and minor impacts. We do 100% custom installs – lay down a flat sheet of film, tuck, and trim all the edges so it’s completely seamless. Our installers spend a good portion of their time heating the edges so they are sealed and no lifting will occur over the course of time.

CQuartz Finest Reserve for Rivian R1T

Lastly we add CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating to all of the wrapped surfaces. It makes it way easier to maintain the R1T, so less dirt and dust sticks to the film. We use our IR heat lamps to bake the coating afterwards to ensure it is cured and hardened properly. The rest of the car we want it to make it look it’s best so not only the film gets coating but everywhere else too. We apply ceramic coating the the wheels inside and out, brake calipers, all plastic trim, and the glass is polished and coated.

All the preparation and work we put in, ensured not only a clean install but easy maintenance of the film. This Rivian R1T will continue looking brand new for many years to come. If you want to come to the best in the Bay Area reach out to us via phone call, e-mail, or text message!

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