XPEL Stealth – Tesla Model 3 – All colors in matte paint protection film.

When it comes to Model 3’s no one has worked on as many as us. And no one has put Xpel Stealth any as much as us! We have examples here of every single color of a Model 3 after our 100% custom Xpel stealth wrap. When installing stealth paint protection film it is really important to wrap and tuck every edge so no gloss is showing. This can’t be done with precut installs. So we always invite you to look at our work and look theirs to see the difference!

Solid Black - XPEL Stealth

Pearl White Metallic - XPEL Stealth

Midnight Silver Metallic - XPEL Stealth

Multi-Coat Red - XPEL Stealth

Deep Blue Metallic - XPEL Stealth

Silver Metallic - XPEL Stealth

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