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5 Reasons You Should Get Paint Protection for your Porsche

There’s no excuses not to get some paint protection film for you new Porsche if you plan to keep it for many years. Keep the soft paint looking great with clear bra so you don’t have to worry about rock chips and scratches. We use only the best and highest quality film here at OCDetailing. In the Bay Area we are known to be the Porsche experts as we’ve wrapped thousands of them for the past few years.

With the development of technology, new ways are coming up to help you protect the paint of your car. Clear paint protection film makes it easy to protect the exterior of the vehicle as it is primarily installed on the car’s side skirts, side mirrors, hood, and fenders. Known as the Car Bra, the urethane film cover helps protect the paint of your vehicle from chipping, scratching and staining.

Paint protection film makes it easy to save time and trouble associated with repairing and repainting of the car’s exterior. So if you are still indecisive about getting the PPF on your car, here are few reasons that will help you reach a decision soon. However, whenever you choose to get PPF installed on your vehicle, make sure to get in touch with professionals.

While driving down the road or freeways your car is subjected to rocks, road debris, and various other things that can leave your beautiful car full of paint blemishes or scratch marks. Unless you have paint protection film installed on the car, you are going to see the damage caused to the car by the road debris. Therefore, having the PPF installed on your vehicle will protect it from the damage caused by the debris while keeping the exterior looking extremely good. Moreover, if your car does not have a scratch, it will attract more buyers.

Along with shielding your car from damage, a clear paint protection film makes it easy to increases the appearance of the vehicle. There are numerous brands out there that offer paint protection film, however, make sure you pick up a trusted brands like Suntek Ultra PPF or XPEL Ultimate as they offer extremely clear and ultra smooth finish film. Next, get in touch with the professionals as the installation of the film is a lengthy process, which includes the use of heat, soapy water, and alcohol. When highly experienced professionals apply the Suntek Ultra PPF or XPEL Ultimate film, nobody can even guess that the film has been applied.

Since the Vietnam War, clear urethane protection film has been used by the US Military to protect their vehicles in the areas, which are prone to rock chips and gravel. Moreover, the clear protection film was originally designed to protect the blades of a helicopter from airborne debris. As repairing the blades were a costly deal, the military developed the paint protection film, which was used to shield the blades from stones and gravels. Later on, the military keeps on using the protective film on other vehicles too to avoid expensive repair work. The clear film proved effective against the damage caused by the dust in the early 1990s during the Operation Desert Storm. Racecar drivers previously also used the urethane film in the early 1980s to protect their car from gravel and dust during off-road races. Since many decades, the paint protection film has been seen as the best solution to protect the paint of a vehicle.

Paint protection film installation is done with the help of a pre-cut computer designed kit or the film can be cut according to the car size and installed. The custom kits are expensive because it requires additional labor. On the other hand, a custom cut kit offers the user to avail a better fit. The custom kits are designed and cut by highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals to suit the surface of the car. The custom cut makes it easy to cover the entire vehicle surface including the wrapped edges. Before getting the PPF installed, it is vital to find an experienced installer who can easily perform the custom cut installation as computer template may not be available for your car.

The clear bra technology is constantly being developed and has come a long way since its inception. The days of cracked, yellow or faded film are over. Nowadays, the protection film comes with extended warranty period and some manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on both labor and the used material.

Full Wrap

Our Best Value Package

This package is the ultimate option when it comes to protection. You can assure your paint underneath of the entire vehicle will be perfectly preserved.

-Full Hood
-Full Fenders
-Full Front Bumper
-Head Lights

-Fog Lights
-Front of Side Mirrors

Full Rear Bumper
Full 4 Doors
Full Pillars
Full Quarter Panels
Full Rockers
Full Liftgate
Full Trunk

Full Wrap includes
CQuartz Finest Reserve Coating

Ceramic coatings provide superior safeguarding against environmental threats and the sun’s UV radiation compared to conventional wax. They additionally exhibit resilience to chemical stains and a measure of scratch resistance, resulting in a glossy appearance for the vehicle and simplifying the cleaning process.
-Full 2 Stage Paint correction to remove surface defects and brighten the paint up to the highest possible level 
-Removing and polishing wheel barrels (inside) and faces
-Polishing painted calipers (if they are painted)
-Deep cleaning fender liners
-Polishing all glass
-Polishing all metal
-Polishing the light covers 
-Deep cleaning the plastic trim around the bottom of the car and wheel arches. 
The coating application is an addition and that covers: 
CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the painted surfaces IR cured for maximum hardness and gloss
CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the wheels, suspension, and calipers
-FlyByForte glass coating on all exterior glass
-Car Pro Dlux permanent trim coating on the plastic trim around the car and the windshield cowl to prevent plastic from fading or looking old

Front End Package

Full front, out most popular option provides protection to the full front end. This protects all of the high impact areas on the vehicle especially if you do a lot of freeway driving.

-Full Hood
-Full Fenders
-Full Front Bumper
-Head Lights
-Fog Lights
-Front of Side Mirrors
-Loading Deck Strip


-Same elite self-healing and protective features as glossy paint protection film.
-Gives satin finish that preserves matte paint in its showroom condition.
-Keep it standing out and provides superior protection versus vinyl.


-Same elite self-healing and protective features as glossy paint protection film.
-Gives satin finish that preserves matte paint in its showroom condition.
-Keep it standing out and provides superior protection versus vinyl.
-Ten-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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