I decided to have my new Audi Opti-Coated at OCDetailing when I found out that Joe Torbati, the owner, was the same ‘Joe’ that used to work at Orinda Auto Detail. If you read their reviews, you’ll see his name mentioned often for doing great work. The work he did on my car was outstanding. He performed hours of prep work to get the paint ready for 2 coats of Opti-Coat Pro and a top coat of Opti-Gloss. The wheels were removed and received one coat of Opti-Pro inside and out and he even did the brake calipers. Joe did all the glass surfaces with Opti-Glass and all the plastic lenses with Opti-Lens. Finally, he and his business partner, Dan Smith, cleaned the interior and applied 2 coats of Opti-Guard to all the leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces as well as a 3rd coat to high-wear areas. My car looks beautiful and will be easier to keep clean from now on. The paint color is much more intense and reflective than when I picked up the car at the dealer. I’m very happy with the work that was done. OCDetailing is a bit more expensive than some of the other Opti-Coat dealers, but Joe gives you much more for your money. Most places go with only one coat of Opti-Coat on the paint, the wheel faces, and the windshield. Joe’s attention to detail on the polishing prep can’t be beat. His work is an excellent value for the money. He is also very personable and will gladly answer all your questions about the process.

Paul L.

Richmond, CA


Richmond in San Francisco is not to be confused with the city Richmond which can be found some 20 kilometers to the Northeast of San Francisco. Richmond, San Francisco is located north of the Golden Gate park, and is a melting pot of sorts for diverse ethnicities, being the home of Chinese-Americans, Russian-Americans, and Irish Americans.

Richmond has many parks in and around it, as well as a lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Richmond is divided into four sections, Lake Street, Central Richmond, Inner Richmond and Outer Richmond. Interesting places to visit include the California Academy of Sciences, the Presidio walk, and Baker Beach.

We Are OCDetailing

in Bay Area, California.

Our specialty is the application of automotive paint protection. These include clear bra paint protection film (PFF), ceramic paint coatings, window tinting, and more.

As technology evolves so does the paint systems and the way paint is protected. OCDetailing has been on the forefront of this evolution in the San Francisco Bay Area for years. We are one of the few who have the honor in stating that we are a CQuartz Finest Reserve select installer, an Opti Coat Pro Plus certified Installer, and a leader in quality work for years. We have been nominated for detailer of the year and have done more paint corrections to a concourse level than any other shop in the Bay Area. Add that to our long standing reputation for setting the highest of bars for paint protection film installs, that truly defy the physics of film. We have a standard of creating some truly seamless paint protection film installs. Our flawless attention to detail, 1000’s of happy clients, and our never ending pursuit of perfection is why we can say in all honesty “WE BRING THE SHINE!”

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