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5 Benefits of Ceramic Paint Coating for Cars

You just drove your new car off the showroom and love the way it looks. Do you want to keep it looking like new forever?

The auto detailing industry has grown a lot over the past few decades and there have been many innovations. However, the latest innovation that has attracted car owner’s interest is the adoption of the ceramic coating, which helps provide the best protection for the interior and exteriors of the car. The ceramic coating makes it easy for vehicles to maintain their new-like shine forever.

OCDetailing is one of the best ceramic coating experts in the industry and offers their customers two types of coating services, namely CQuartz Finest Reserve and Opti-Coat Pro Plus, which come loaded with different advantages.

Interested? Let’s define some reasons why Ceramic coating is fast becoming a must-have among car owners looking forward to enhancing the beauty and usefulness of their vehicle.

A ceramic coating paint protection provides a strong protective surface to the vehicle’s body and easily blocks foreign matter from causing damage to the vehicle. On an everyday basis, a car has to endure a variety of attacks on its exterior. From mud, dirt to scratches, various attacks form an inseparable part of traveling; this is when the ceramic coating ensures that the original coating of your car stays encased in a protective layer. The ceramic coating can easily withstand a great deal of damage without showing any ill effects on the car’s body.

It goes a step further than the regular paint job done to protect the surface of a car. The ceramic paint coating is fused to the surface of the car and does not dislodge with external force or vibrations. On the other hand, traditional vehicle coating, for instance, wax, is known to wear off with time when exposed to extreme conditions such as acidic components of rain, bird droppings, or weather changes. Ceramic coating is easy to maintain and can last you for years if proper care is taken.

It is easier for the dirt particles to sink into tiny pockets, however, if the surface is smooth, even, and shiny, dust particles cannot stay put. Ceramic coating works at the molecular level and provides a smooth, clear, and even surface. So the next time, when the dirt comes in contact with the car, it won’t find any place to stick to and will roll off the surface. Thus, after the application of a ceramic coating, the contaminants generally found on the road won’t stick to the car’s surface and will fall away. This will leave the surface of your car in its initial spotless state.

How often do you get the car waxed to maintain its shine? Quite often, you will say. The wax sealant is unable to provide the required protection and ultimately wears off. This is the reason, why you are required to get your car waxed several times a year. However, a single coating of CQuartz Finest Reserve or Opti-Coat Pro Plus is sufficient to ensure that there is no need to get any wax job done ever in your lifetime.

After comparing price with a wax job, you will say that ceramic coating is a cost-prohibitive solution. But wait, did you do your calculations right? Car wax can last you only about 3 months, so you need to get it reapplied quarterly. You will end up spending $200 every three months for a good car wash and wax. Over a period of 5 years, you will spend approximately $4000. If maintained properly, the professional ceramic coating can last you a lifetime.

If you are a car enthusiast, you may find it difficult to decide between a car maintenance option that provides great protection and one that helps improve the appearance of your car. Luckily, ceramic coating give car owners the freedom to choose both the options. Not only ceramic coating protects the car surface, rather it yields a shiny, sleek exterior that helps retain the gloss for a long time to come.

OCDetailing - CQuartz Finest Reserve Service

What is paint correction? Here’s a video of Joe explaining how we do it here,
Here is a breakdown of service for CQuartz Finest Reserve.

What is Included:

Prep work prior to coating and this includes:
Paint correction to remove surface defects and brighten the paint up to the highest possible level 
-Removing and polishing wheel barrels (inside) and faces
-Polishing painted calipers (if they are painted)
-Deep cleaning fender liners
-Polishing all glass
-Polishing all metal
-Polishing the light covers 
-Deep cleaning the plastic trim around the bottom of the car and wheel arches. 
The coating application is an addition and that covers: 
CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the painted surfaces IR cured for maximum hardness and gloss
CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the wheels, suspension, and calipers
-FlyByForte glass coating on all exterior glass
-Car Pro Dlux permanent trim coating on the plastic trim around the car and the windshield cowl to prevent plastic from fading or looking old

CQuartz Finest Reserve

Finest Reserve has been thoroughly trialled all over the world in order to guarantee its performance and reliability in the harshest conditions. From the arctic cold of the Finnish winter, to the blazing summer heat of the Australian outback, Finest Reserve is beyond compare…

Since day one, the goal of the CQuartz Finest program has been to approve only the most talented, honest, and character driven professionals across the world. Over the years the program has continually improved and demanded more of their installers. Currently we can proudly state that less than 100 installers in all of North America are licensed and have access to CQuartz Finest Reserve!


  • Stays cleaner longer
  • Cleans up easier
  • Adds more shine
  • More scratch resistant

Protection from:

  • Chemical Water Stains
  • Bugs
  • Bird Bombs
  • UV Rays
  • Anti-Oil
  • Abrasion


3-10 Years


3 Years CarPro Certified Warranty


Opti-Coat Pro Plus

-Same elite self-healing and protective features as glossy paint protection film.
-Gives satin finish that preserves matte paint in its showroom condition.
-Keep it standing out and provides superior protection versus vinyl.
-Ten-year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Last longer
  • Stands up to more abuse

Protection from:

  • Chemical
    Water Stains
  • Bugs
  • Bird Bombs
  • UV Rays
  • Anti-Oil
  • Abrasion


7-10 Years


7 Years Certified Warranty

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