It’s going down.. OCD style!
If you are picky like me, and want the absolute best service and value like me, then this is the place to go! Whether you need a simple detail, or all the bells and whistles, OCD’s got you covered.
Even before the delivery date of Tia (our Tesla Model S90D) we had exchanged numerous phone calls/ emails, and texts with Joe. Joe even offered to meet us at the factory on pickup day to help spot any issues before we even drive off the lot. After getting several other quotes for the huge list of items we wanted done for our new baby, we immediately knew we would be in good hands with Joe and his wonderful crew at OCD.
We meet Joe at Tesla Fremont on delivery day, and that’s where our journey begins. After the pickup, we drive Tia over to OCD which was around 8 mi away. If you choose to take local I think it can be done in a little under 8mi. It was pretty hard to say good bye right after we just said hello to our new car, but we wanted to make sure that the car was fully protected right away as driving on 880 can be dangerous with all the rocks flying around.
What we got done:
– Paint correction before Cquartz
– Cquartz Finest exterior coating
– Cquartz interior coating
– Expel wrap over all high impact areas ( coverage on the full front bumper, full hood, full fenders, side mirrors, lights, fog lights, full rocker panels, rocker panel area on doors, full window pillars, and full rear bumper)
– Powder coating wheels & install of vinyl logo
– Brake caliper painting and high temp vinyl decals to match factory
– Carbon Fiber spoiler & install
Of course I am anxious the entire time Tia is away to get her back and drive her, but without me even having to ask, Joe is wonderful at sending pics, text updates and videos of the progress. This communication and extra effort is what really sets OCD above and beyond any other shop I have ever dealt with.
What’s even better is that the relationship does not end here. I am still able to text Joe and ask him for advise on car washing, and other questions as well. The service here is just hands down the best.
A special thanks as well to the crew at OCD that made this happen in record time! Ryan, Hugo and Martin on the Film, and Joe and Anthony on the correction, coating and interior. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly during this whole process and I couldn’t be happier with the result. You guys are all-stars!
If you see a happy happy girl in a Shiny White Tesla on 880 its probably me!

Sharon N.

Hayward, CA


Hayward is the 3rd largest city in Alameda county with 150,000 inhabitants. Named after the 1868 Hayward earthquake, it lies between Castro Valley and Union City. Hayward used to be famous for food canning as well as for its salt industry. Both of which are now no longer in operation.

Hayward is a tree city and has termed itself a nuclear free location. The Eden Landing Ecological Preserve protects 600 acres of salt ponds that will be made into tidal wetlands. Other sites are Agapius Honcharenko’s Ukraina Ranch, which is a California Historical Landmark, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery, which was one of the first brewpubs in California. There is also Cinema Place, which has interesting murals and is the only movie theater.

We Are OCDetailing

in Bay Area, California.

Our specialty is the application of automotive paint protection. These include clear bra paint protection film (PFF), ceramic paint coatings, window tinting, and more.

As technology evolves so does the paint systems and the way paint is protected. OCDetailing has been on the forefront of this evolution in the San Francisco Bay Area for years. We are one of the few who have the honor in stating that we are a CQuartz Finest Reserve select installer, an Opti Coat Pro Plus certified Installer, and a leader in quality work for years. We have been nominated for detailer of the year and have done more paint corrections to a concourse level than any other shop in the Bay Area. Add that to our long standing reputation for setting the highest of bars for paint protection film installs, that truly defy the physics of film. We have a standard of creating some truly seamless paint protection film installs. Our flawless attention to detail, 1000’s of happy clients, and our never ending pursuit of perfection is why we can say in all honesty “WE BRING THE SHINE!”

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