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Rinseless Wash

First of all what is waterless washing? This is the method of washing a car without the use of traditional hose and two bucket method. That is where the name waterless comes from, which means use much less water.

How to Rinseless Car Wash - Preparing Solution - Part 1

How to Rinseless Car Wash - Wash & Drying - Part 2

1- Fill one bucket with grit guard half way with water.
2- Create about 1-2 gallons of Rinseless solution mixture in the other bucket with grit guard.
3- Select your cuff less wash mitt and dip in the solution fully submerging.
4- Using Zero pressure slide it across one panel (If paint is quite clean and the panels are small you might do two before rinsing).
5- The dirtier the paint is the faster you take it to the “Rinse bucket” and thoroughly clean BEFORE placing back into your “wash bucket” to absorb more solution.
6- Select your drying towel or another clean towel which you will use for drying ONLY the panel which you have already cleaned.
7- Repeat steps 3-6 across the entire car, drying panels before water is allowed to dry on them.

-500ml makes up to 2 Gallons of (1:15) Waterless Spray
-500ml makes up to 3 1/4 Gallons of Quick Detailer (1:25)
-500ml makes up to 5 1/4 Gallons of Clay Lubricant (1:40)
-500ml makes up to 26 1/2 Gallons of Rinse-less Wash (1:200)

Bottle Size:16oz24oz32oz1 gallon
1:151 oz1.5 oz2 oz8 oz
1:200.76 oz1.15 oz1.5 oz6 oz
1:250.62 oz0.92 oz1.2 oz5 oz
1:400.59 oz0.58 oz0.78 oz3 oz

1- During the rinseless wash process it is important to clean entire panels before you move to drying that panel. This is to avoid using a dry towel on an area that is still dirty.
2- Directions for care of Microfiber towels will be found on the bottom of the page which is linked again here – Microfiber Madness

1- Avoid sprinkler and hard tap water being left on the surface to dry
2- Remove bird bombs from vehicle surfaces as soon as possible with Ech2o mix
3- For Gloss or slickness topper -CarPro Reload 500ml (17oz)

Sio2 Quartz Spray Sealant 

Reload packs the deep wet gloss, slickness, beading, and incredible dirt repellency, into a convenient, spray-on, wipe-off sealant!  From the leader in automotive nano technology this formula was originally designed to maintain the protection and quality of CQuartz coatings.  However CarPro Reload is no “one trick pony”, and has proven itself as an industry leading stand-alone sealant!  Reloads easy to use waterborne formula can be applied to all vehicle surfaces, wet or dry making it perfect for topping up your vehicles protection and shine in a jiffy!

Reload offers a slick, hydrophobic coat, which repels water like no other.  Coupled with its ability to repel dirt & grime this leaves a long lasting, deep rich gloss!  CarPro Reload is very easy to use and ideal for both enthusiast and professionals alike.  Once applied Reload keeps your paint clean and glossy longer, makes washing the car easier, and allows you to dry it faster!   


  • Excellent UV Protection
  • Extreme gloss that stays!
  • Just waxed slickness that lasts
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner longer
  • Fast and easy
  • Excellent for topping CQuartz
  • Apply wet or dry
  • Excellent on rubber and plastic trim
  • Repels rain & grime

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