100% Custom Install Paint Protection Film Wrap Glossy/Clear Full Wrap (not matte) -Paint correction to remove surface defects and brighten the paint up to the highest possible level -Removing and polishing wheel barrels (inside) and faces -Polishing painted calipers (if they are painted) -Deep cleaning fender liners -Polishing all glass -Polishing all metal -Polishing the light covers -Deep cleaning the plastic trim -CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the painted surfaces IR cured for maximum hardness and gloss. -CQuartz Finest Reserve on all the wheels and calipers. -FlyByForte glass coating on all exterior glass. -Car Pro Dlux trim coating on the plastic trim around the car, prevents plastic from fading or looking old. -CQuartz Fabric & Leather Interior Coating Chrome Delete – Satin Black Powder Coat – Satin Black Blackvue Dual Camera Instalation 3M Crystalline Tint: Front two 50% and 70% on the windshield

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