2020 Tesla Model 3 – Front End STEK DYNOShield PPF, 3M Crystalline Tint, Chrome Delete, and Smoke Lights

The owner of this company is awesome. Super easy to work with and helpful. I came in over the  holiday and have some  work done to my new Tesla. Chrome delete, clear bra and window tint. They did a perfect job. At the last minute I was considering another shop as they  were less expensive.  I have Heard so many great things about this company though, but I decided to stay with them and see how it turned out even though it was more expensive. I’m so glad that I didn’t risk my car with anybody else because the job was difficult to do and it came out perfect.  You really do get what you pay for. I found my new shop for anything related to making my car my beautiful. Thank you guys so much for doing awesome job, and taking care of your customers.

Patrick E.

San Francisco, CA

Here at OCDetailing not only do we do paint protection but also customizations as well. This Model 3 got not only the protection but additional things as well. 3M Crystalline tint on all the windows around for heat rejection. Chrome Delete in Satin Black with some red T’s. And smoking out the lights around the car.

This gives it a bad ass look so it’s not going to be missed at the charging stations and mistaken for the others.

DYNOshield Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Hydrophobic, self healing paint protection film with a Glossy Finish.

10 Year Warranty:
DYNOshield paint protection film is warrantied for 10 Years against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

Tesla Model 3 – Paint Protection Film:
-Full Hood
-Full Fenders
-Full Front Bumper
-Headlights (smoke)
-Fog Lights
-Trunk Strip for Luggage Area

Tint Windows – 3M Crystalline:
Front Windshield – 50%
Front Two Windows – 20%
Rear Two Windows – 20%
Rear Windshield – 20%

3M 1080 Vinyl – Satin Black
Red T’s

Apply paint protection film:
Smoke Taillights

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