Paint Protection Film Full Wrap – Porsche Taycan – Neptune Blue

This 2021 Porsche Taycan came to get the ultimate protection package here. We go all out with full paint correction, full paint protection film, and ceramic coating on top. Can’t forget but the painted wheels also get paint protection film as well, all four! This makes it completely protected from rock chips, scratches, and small door dings. Ceramic coating tops it off to make it so much easier to maintain and clean.

For paint protection film we use STEK DYNOShield, this has 10 years warranty with self healing properties. Over 95% of the car that comes in for clear paint protection film gets this film.

Ceramic coating we use CQuartz Finest Reserve. This 3+ years ceramic coating makes it glossy, hydrophobic, and much easier to keep the car clean. Go longer period of time before needing to wash the car.

Not only do we focus on the paint with our most exclusive product but we don’t for get ceramic coating the wheels inside and out, brake calipers, all of the plastic trim, and all of the glass around the car.

If you want to get the best protection for your vehicle going full wrap like this Taycan is the way to go. Reach out to us if you have any questions on our Contact Us page.

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